Dubai Home Festival 2020

Dubai Home Festival 2020 is the largest citywide celebration of home furnishing and appliances in Dubai. It is taking place from 24 September 2020 to 10 October 2020. The annual festivities showcases the emirate’s unique furniture scene, homegrown brands and world-class shopping experiences.

There is nothing like home. To put in other words, it can be said that a beautiful home is what we all love to come back to. That is why your favorite online furniture shop in Dubai, Vanity Living, is celebrating Dubai home festival 2020. Here, you will find striking deals on an impressive collection of homewares. Allow Dubai Home festival 2020 to make your homes look gorgeous with some new additions and upgrades! Whether you are furnishing a new home or upgrading the old one, we are sure Dubai home festival 2020 will amaze you in every possible way.

Deck-up your home in excellence:

The fine art of decorating a home goes beyond just adding décor items here and there. You need to have an eye for excellently unique pieces of furniture as well to keep the spotlight shining on them. Vanity Living’s online furniture shop is a part of Dubai home festival 2020 that has plenty of choices for you to discover. Apart from the allure of exceptional items, we also have attractive prices that will make you keen to buy from us. The main collective interest of this unique festival is to celebrate your home in Dubai with elegant pieces that are a class apart!

  • We have unique items for you
  • 10% off on your first order
  • Up to 20% off on your favorite bundle deals
  • The prices fit well with every budget
  • Items from our stores come out winners in the test of time
  • We offer free delivery
  • 12 months warranty on every product is an added incentive
  • We ensure you get a safe check out experience

Bring home a fresh new appeal:

Vanity Living, the online furniture shop in Dubai, will showcase all the necessary bits and pieces needed to deck up your home in chic elegance.

  • Sensing your love for refined décor, Dubai home festival 2020 brings jaw-dropping designs to add up to the glory of your home.
  • We cover up from your living room to your dressing arena. Walking through Dubai home festival 2020, you will spot something for every inch of space in your stunning home.
  • With home-grown and international brands on display, you will not return empty-handed.

Are you looking to deck up your living room, bedroom, Dressing room? Then Vanity Living is your place to be.

Vanity Living will put a display of a fascinating collection of vanity mirrors, dressing tables and stools, furniture for your bedroom, dining room, coffee tables, wall mirrors and a mammoth-sized treasure of furniture pieces for you.

Trust us, with Vanity Living online furniture shop in Dubai by your side, your home will have a new appeal- sophisticated and stunning! Get ready to spruce up your humble abode with your fantastic finds from our festival.

Come out and shop your hearts out:

Enough of being indoors, Dubai! You need to make haste now. You have a home waiting for a spectacular makeover with the Dubai home festival 2020. Come out, this is your chance to shop the most exquisite home furnishing items at enticing rates. Have a look around and bring home the bundle of joy your home has been missing all along!

September 22, 2020 — Rejeat Cruz