Mirror with lights is not a luxury anymore. Nor is it exclusive for movie stars and celebrities. We bring these Hollywood mirrors to every girl's dressing room. Your daily sessions of makeup can now be easy and effective having a well-lit dresser with our new range of Vanity Mirrors.

These mirrors are a product of constant innovation and are packed with technology with features such as dimmable bulbs that let you recreate any lighting situation. This opens a whole new world of styling and makeup. You can customise your make up for a candlelit dinner or a party from your dressing room so you look immaculate at the event. Not a spot more or a toneless. 

Unlike those old mirrors with lights where bulbs are yellow and fixed, our new range comes with replaceable LED bulbs. You don't have to discard the whole mirror if one bulb goes off. You just replace it. And with all our products, we give one extra bulb for replacement.

Here are our new mirrors with lights:

  1. Portrait Vanity Mirror (2 variants - Regular and XL)
    1. Regular dimension: Size: 50 cm (L) 70 cm (H) 18 cm (W)
    2. XL dimension: Size: 66cm (L) 85cm (H) 18cm (W)
  2. Landscape Vanity Mirror (2 variants - Regular and XL)
    1. Regular dimension: Size: 81 cm (L) 60 cm (H) 18 cm (W)
    2. XL dimension: 106 cm (L) 90 cm (H) 18 cm (W)
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  • Bulbs Included
  • Dimmable LED Lights
  • Wall Hanging or Free Standing
  • Advanced electrical system to ensure even lighting
  • One additional bulb for replacement
  • Free delivery across UAE

These are high-quality Hollywood Vanity Mirror with replaceable LED light bulbs. The colour of the bulb is daylight (6000k colour temperature) which is favoured by makeup artist as it mimics how you would look in natural light, giving every girl a flawless look.

If you want to see how you would look in different types of light this mirror has dimmable bulbs which can be set to any level of lighting. The adjustable lighting ensures complete visibility for flawless makeup application.

Size matters! This tabletop mirror with lights is the perfect size for any dressing table. For more space on your tabletop for your make up and brushes, you can hang this mirror on the wall. Check out one of our dressing tables which matches this mirror seamlessly, great for any bedroom

This vanity mirror is so simple to use, just plug it in and begin your favourite make up experience. This is the perfect birthday or anniversary gift for any girl who wants to look their best every day.

Unlike other mirrors, this light-up mirror has been designed with the environment in mind, using a non-lead coated, environmentally friendly mirror, giving it an extra-long life and a sharper finish.

Look through our website to go over our new range. Should you wish to buy, make the online purchase and our team will deliver to your home free of any delivery charges. We also have bundle deals where you can save 20% when buying our Hollywood mirrors along with suitable dressing tables. Its a package deal where you will get the best piece of furniture to adorn your dresser along with the advanced light up mirror.