Side tables are not just style but a need for a person’s day to day life. Finding a good style and using the side tables to maximum usage is easier as they are the support and ease in one’s life so buying a side table is equally important as buying any other home furniture.

Side tables offer a plethora of benefits. And it is not always the big-ticket items that update a room the best. These small pieces can make the perfect statement for a small space and have people wonder about them for days. Side tables have diverse purposes besides just home decoration. They provide convenience to homeowners by being an extra surface in rooms where there may not be much free space on counters, shelves, or floors. Side tables serve as a surface for functions like setting drinks when watching television, holding remotes so people don't have to sit on the floor, and formal surfaces for magazines when reading on couches or armchairs. These tables also create an intimate atmosphere with their simple touch of style that can complement the warmth in one’s home while they are serving their purpose in it. The use of side tables has drastically changed due to the convenience and functionality they offer. They are also used as a centerpiece for décor in homes that already have a strong theme going on. Side tables are widely seen as one of the most important pieces in modern furnishings, and it is significant to note that their styles change depending on what design or function they serve.

Throughout history, there are examples of ancient civilizations making portable tables (some out of snow or ice) that pre-date any known needs for a stationary side table in the home. Ancient Egyptians placed portable tables in tombs and Greeks created tall, heavy marble tables as grand symbols of their Empire which explains where the side table ideation was introduced. The purpose of this type of home furniture even back then was not just decor but adding support to day-to-day life. Since the 18th century, many functional desks now stand around side tables and leave a central space to accommodate the user while they are working. And there are great brands that make beautifully designed furniture pieces with style.

Factors to note when purchasing side tables

Purchasing the most suitable side tables can be one tricky thing to do although people tend to believe that this is one easy task as they think the side table is not the center of attention or has an impression on the room whereas nothing in the room stays unseen or invaluable when it comes to interior designing as every single biggest to smallest detail holds it the value that plays a role in setting up rooms holistic impression in one's eyes.

A side table could be used for storage and it is important to take the time to purchase one if your room could use a little bit of organization.  There are a few things one must keep noted while buying;

What material is it made of

The very first decision you should make when looking for a side table is what material you want it to be made of. It is generally easier to find affordable stainless steel or ceramic side table than it is to find inexpensive wood tables. Well to consider important facts related to the material is one major task, like side tables with wood material have more enhanced perfection as it gives an absolutely royal look and one more fact about wood furniture is that it is long-lasting and durable as wood doesn’t get stained or go rusty when water spills on it. It is also good for people who have allergies because it does not cause them to sneeze or itch as easily.

Those planning to buy side tables made with stainless steel and modern design are making a really smart choice as that material is easy to clean and you can surely know by their name stainless that they are long-lasting and not breakable material. The design of side tables made of this material is very sleek and elegant giving your house a boost in looks as home furniture made with stainless steel is very in.

There are many more designs and materials for buying best-fit side tables but it’s all about your choices and the feel of your homes as in if you have the white color or chromic color in your color palette then you will look for basic colors to add to your home furniture that has a subtle look.

Size, design & shape

Another thing one will need to consider is the measurements and size of the side tables as too huge side tables are hard to access if you keep them next to the bedside as you keep things on it in a right reach from the resting place, and if it's too small then it will give unpleasing appearance for the room so measure the space you want to keep your side tables especially the furniture near it. The size of home furniture changes everything about the look it gives to one person as it is very important to make it all symmetrical. Another that one must keep in the note is how functional the furniture is whether it has compartments or drawers or if your side table has good width as the more capacity it holds the more useful it is although at times one needs to choose as no doubt small side tables give the more minimalistic and stylish look they have less functionality so one has to choose between style and functionality that too depending on the area and the room they want to make an addition to. If you need extra storage space, another idea besides purchasing just one rectangular end table might be purchasing two square end tables to put next to each other! Place decorative items along both ends for highlighting different ornaments which can be a unique touch to the room.

In this article, you have a complete guide to buying the best and most elegant yet functional side tables for your house and making a much-needed change to your interior as you must already know why side tables are so important and hold this much value in a home. There are a lot of furniture stores in Dubai where you can find affordable deals on side tables with a good time warranty. Make sure wherever you purchase furniture from is a place that can be trusted and try to go for affordable yet modern style furniture which is brand new instead of buying second-hand furniture as we all that new is always the best.

November 21, 2022 — Rejeat Cruz