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Console Tables: The Art of Living Room!

Without a doubt, the console table really enhances the aesthetic appeal of a guest room. And for this reason and just for our valued customers, Vanity Living presents you with a wide range of variety of these items in Dubai.

Many people follow the classic idea of having these entrance desks as a must have to decorate their lounge furnishing and also use it as a temporary storage device for your living room essentials such as magazines, TV remotes, car keys etc. Also with us, you can buy this product at a budget-friendly rate to complete that beautifying living room decor.

Our Entrance Tables Vary!!

A lot of aspects can be considered when looking forward to buying these beautiful hallway tables for your home. With the unparalleled craftsmanship of our artistic designers and preference of only top-quality material, Vanity Living presents contemporary modern console furniture set for both domestic and commercial decoration, and that too at a pocket-friendly budget.

Top Features For Our Console Tables:

  • Entrance Table in a Budget Friendly Way:

    While many different companies providing lounge furnishings have different pricings because of material quality, design and workforce Vanity Living makes sure to provide its items at an affordable rate as we strongly believe that quality doesn’t have to be expensive, thus making us reachable to everyone as a potential supplier for their house furnishing. Check out this web page for more info on our exciting price deals just for you.
  • The Purpose is Essential:

    Whenever a guest or a friend pays you a visit and you open the entrance door to welcome him or her, the first thing that they will do is look for a place or a table to keep their car keys or any extra item they might have with them. And when they see a beautiful wooden or a metal/ glass made furniture, they already start to feel that comfort in your home.
  • Our Hallway Tables Collection:

    • The Mirrored Console Tables:

      Imagine finding an entryway desk with reflective panels all on it. Yes, we have them! Vanity Living exceeds by far in its area of different varieties of collection of those mirrored ones. With MDF (Medium Density Fibre) underneath and mirror glass panelling over it, these living room side desks are a simple message of beautification.
    • The Glass Hallway Tables:

      When purchasing furniture, and especially ones made of glass, reliability is a crucial feature to take into account. Presenting forth these beautiful and sturdy tempered top entryway tables to contrast or blend with your magnificent drawing room. Usually with metallic frames, these are more spacious and built for long run than the conventional solid wood desks in a guestroom.

    We are delighted to bring forth these beautiful console/ hallway desks which you can buy online as a bundle collection or a standalone product to experience in your homes and offices. With an aim to provide the best possible in our business we look forward to becoming the best in the industry when it comes to introducing various styles of home decor.