Our story was inspired by you. We heard your struggles, and we listened. Furniture design, quality, speed, and affordability were once pain points, but at Vanity Living, they have become the pillars of our brand. Our passionate team pour their hearts into every step of the process, ensuring your experience with us is personal, seamless, and unforgettable.

We invite you to explore our collection and discover the perfect pieces that turn your house into the luxurious home you love."

                        - Anish Ismail, Founder of Vanity Living


We are Vanity Living, a proud member of the Purehome Group. Our story unfolds 17 years ago when our Founder, Anish Ismail, embarked on a journey of passion, dedication, and an unwavering commitment to building a furniture brand that embodied style and personality. He stepped into the realm of interior design, building relationships and working closely with globally renowned giants in the luxury, hospitality, and beauty sectors.  

While traversing the global furniture industry and absorbing the art of design and intricacies of the industry, Anish noticed a trend – customers yearned for a holistic furnishing experience without compromising on style, quality, speed, and affordability. In a dynamic market where these elements seldom converged, he recognised this as a problem in need of a solution – a brand that could seamlessly weave together elements that were once thought to be mutually exclusive. Thus, Vanity Living emerged, with a small team, a single van, a modest warehouse, and a clear purpose.

Vanity Living evolved from that single van and warehouse to three strategically located distribution centres. Our dedicated trucking and office teams multiplied, working tirelessly to streamline the shopping experience and deliver your selections right to your doorstep, making the entire experience as quick and stress-free as possible.

Today, our brand aims to curb the compromise between elegance and budget while addressing the time-sensitive needs of modern living. As a result, Vanity Living proudly offers free delivery and free assembly on all items within our collection. With an unwavering pledge to quality and customer satisfaction, we instil product confidence by providing a 12-month warranty on all items and furniture.*

To find out more about the Purehome Group, visit their website.

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