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Coffee Tables For You

A coffee table is a need to decorate your living room because your home's interior design would be lacking without one and homeowners prefer these amazing furnishing to beautify their living rooms.

Coffee Tables That Can Make Your Guests Feel Amazed

Our modern coffee tables have a very beautiful texture to its design and built. Whether it be the glass and metallic designed, the round tufted one or a simple wooden centre desk, with effective workmanship and crafts of an artistic endeavour like these items, you might feel a tint of amazement in your guest when they enter your drawing room. With these artistic design on the wooden ops and metallic legs and frames, our espresso desks present a unique presence in the living room.

Modern Coffee Tables With That Old School Strength

With an aim to introduce furniture sets of good quality and durability as much as possible Vanity Living is committed to present with these amazing collections, standalone products and bundles just for our valued customers, you. With variety of these items, you have a dynamic range to pick and choose which ever you deem suits you the best for your lounge.

The Glass and Metal Combo

Over the years the evolution of home décor has brought new significant changes in styling and nature of the furnishing material. From the classic solid wooden designed crafting to the new age industrial look of modern coffee tables featuring the tempered glass and stainless steel polished with chrome or gold hue finishing, Vanity has evolved too. Presenting the new trendy looks of the metal and glass combination with sparkling neat finishing and artistic framing, these products change the entire aura of you room with their presence.

Free Delivery and Assembly

We make it a point to offer you not just the highest-quality furniture we have to offer, but also the best services we can. When you order a coffee table from us, we send it to your door within 3 to 4 working days and our delivery team will also assemble it in front of you so that it will be simpler for you do it anytime you want. The good news is that our customers pay nothing for delivery or assembly.

Coffee Might be Expensive, But Our Tables aren’t!

Let's face it, who doesn't want affordable home furnishings? This question provides us with the motivation we need to bring forth our products at the most competitive prices because we don't think quality has to be expensive. So, please feel free to browse our online store's website or pay us a visit at our official showroom in Dubai, take a look at these excellent desks, and order them as soon as possible to take advantage of our incredible discounts.

To conclude, it is impossible to deny the attractive elegance of a beautiful centre table when it comes to greeting your guests. An elegant look of your living room enhances your personality to a great extent.

Feel free to call us or visit our official showroom in Dubai. You can also check out our Instagram Page today to view what’s new in store for you.