Coffee Table - Capella Large with White Artificial Marble Stone And Gold Stainless Steel Legs

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Introducing our exquisite coffee table, featuring a white artificial marble top and a golden stainless steel frame. This stunning piece combines elegance and modern design to create a captivating focal point in your living area. The coffee table showcases a white artificial marble top that emulates the luxurious look of natural marble.

Vanity Living presents an exquisite Capella marble coffee table. If you're searching for a coffee table with a marble finish, consider our Capella white marble table featuring a gold base as a premier choice. Also, browse our assortment of living room sets to discover the ideal fit for your living area.


  • Gold Stainless Steel
  • White Marble Stone Top
  • Table balance adjuster
  • Premium quality marble and base
  • Return Policy: Easy returns and exchange within 14-days. For more details please CLICK HERE.
  • Measurement

    Size: Length- 130cm, Width - 60cm, Height - 45cm


  • Clean Regularly:Wipe down the surface daily with a soft, damp cloth to remove dust and minor spills.
  • Avoid Scratches: Be careful when placing objects on the surface. Use felt pads under decorative items or tableware that might scratch the marble.
  • Avoid Acidic Substances: Marble can be easily etched by acidic substances. Keep items like lemon juice, vinegar, tomato sauce, wine, and citrus fruits away, and if they do spill, wipe them up immediately.
  • Avoid Abrasives: Never use abrasive cleaners or scouring pads for gold base, which can scratch the finish.
  • Protection: Avoid using sharp objects near the base to prevent scratches. If moving the table, lift rather than drag to prevent scratching both the floor and the table base.
  • Product Hightlights

    white marble coffee table

    Capella Large Coffee Table with White Artificial Marble Stone and Gold Stainless Steel Base

    Elevate your living space with the Capella Large Coffee Table, a perfect blend of modern sophistication and timeless elegance. Designed for those who appreciate the finer things, this table combines the classic beauty of white artificial marble with the contemporary flair of gold stainless steel legs. Enhance your living space with the Capella Large Coffee Table, where style meets functionality in a timeless design.

    console table for living room

    Luxurious Artificial Marble Top

    The Capella features a high-quality, white artificial marble top, offering the opulence of marble without the maintenance. Its smooth, polished surface is resistant to scratches and stains, making it perfect for everyday use.

    gold coffee table

    Gold Stainless Steel Legs

    The table stands on sleek, gold stainless steel legs that provide a sturdy base while adding a touch of glamour. The golden hue complements the white marble, creating a stunning visual contrast.

    marble console table

    Spacious Design

    With its large dimensions, the Capella offers ample surface area for your coffee table books, decorative items, or evening drinks, making it both functional and stylish.