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Chest of Drawers - 3 Drawers Marrakesh Large White Wood Mirrored Top Chest of Drawers
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Order Chest of Drawers Online in UAE

You can order a stunningly gorgeous chest of drawers from Vanity Living if you are planning to develop the interior decoration of your house. These vibrant coloured sideboards are elegant and elevate the appeal of your interior. Hence, you are most welcomed to purchase sideboards, as Vanity Living offers a collection of impressive home décor for all of our valuable customers.

Several places, whether commercial or domestic, features designer chest of drawers set to improve the inside look. Nowadays in Dubai, almost many people prefer to purchase these large sideboards to make their bedrooms look more decent, tasteful and space managing.

Our Chest of Drawers Variations

The designers we work with bring forth an exquisite line of style for our furniture to be purchased at a reasonable price. From mirrored panelled to rustic designs featuring products that have a very blending character itself.

You can visit our Store in Dubai or go through this website and place an order of your choice.

Chest of Drawers Features

  • Quality of Chest of Drawers Speaks for itself:

    At Vanity Living, we make sure that the quality never gets compromised. We present furnishings made from a solid quality of MDF (Medium Density Fibrewood), a decent quality mirror panelling and durable colour finish.
  • Design:

    Inspired by the sunny afternoons of Morocco’s Casablanca Street architecture, comes forth the Marrakech design presented on the front panels of our sideboards available in whitewashed and rustic finish to make you feel waking up to a middle eastern mirage. And the industrial looks presented by the mirrored panelled framed cabinets attracts you to this shiny reflective product you would love to have in your bedroom lounge.
  • Purpose of these Exquisite Sideboards:

    While paying attention to the designs and quality of our chest of drawers, we keep in mind that the furniture serves various purposes for our valuable customers in Dubai. For storing your bedroom items and extra goods, you are most welcomed to purchase these beautiful products, if you are a minimalist, then these sturdy and durable items can eliminate the need for extra wardrobe cabinet for you, thus saving extra expenses also.
  • Presenting Economical Prices For Quality Sideboards:

    Unlike many others, we, at Vanity Living keep these furniture prices in a very budget friendly criteria so that all of our customers can avail the benefits from it. Our motto is loud and clear as we say, “Quality doesn’t need to be expensive”.
  • Colour:

    The colour of these sideboards is a compliment in its own self. The beautiful greyish silver and champ/ gold colour finish calls for giving an aesthetic look to your rooms while the rustic creamy natural wood finish and the Santorini inspiration for the whitewashed colour is an attraction for travel lovers and creative and wanderlust souls altogether.

The Best Of These Chest of Drawers from Vanity Living

To conclude it all, if you are refurnishing your bedroom or want to replace your old furniture, then feel free to contact us. As mentioned above you can visit us at our showroom or give us a call and our customer support will reach out to you.