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Home Décor Accessories, What A Pleasant Idea!

Discover your new favourite items from our home décor collection to give your home the ideal glow with candle holders stands, photo, and other accessories to tie your area together with a touch of elegance. At Vanity Living in Dubai, UAE, you can get picture frames, glass vases, ceramic vases, orchid artificial flowerpots, and home decor accessories.

We are anxiously waiting to see that our customers will be surely delighted by our products, and we welcome you to visit our official store in Dubai to see the products physically.

Some Of Our Home Décor Items:

By now we are sure you must have your heart stolen by some of your favourite décor from our products list and catalogue. But just for an overview here are the names of some of the following beautifully crafted items that are the culprits of your attraction for our product:

  • Ceramic Décor - 10cm Grey Safari Apple
  • Flowerpot - Ceramic Flowerpot Walnut of 11cm
  • Vase - Silver Ceramic Vase of 23cm
  • Vase - Grey Ceramic Vase of 36cm
  • Candle Holder - Glass Candle Stand of 36cm Swirl Leaf Design Tealight Stand
  • Candle Holder - Glass Candle Stand of 40cm Grey Tealight Stand
  • Decor Dish - Lavender Glass Mosaic Square Dinner Plate
  • Décor Dish - 37cm Chocolate and Red Glass Side Plate
  • Candle Holder - Ceramic Candle Stand of 43cm White Vintage Tealight Stand
  • Artificial Flower - 52cm White Orchid Artificial Flower Display.

Economical Prices for our Accessories:

Presenting you a wide range of décor on a budget friendly price is the motivation for our entire team. We provide our consumers with a number of affordable options due to the inclusiveness of our product line. We are doing our best to meet your needs while maintaining high standards for quality and affordability. Visit our official showroom in Dubai for more options and to see our products in person or use this website to get in touch with our sales team.

High Quality Material:

Since our mission is to provide you with the better quality at an affordable price, we also provide you with contemporary style. With a motivation like this in our minds we produce our home décor with the high-quality glass and ceramic material for a sturdy yet elegant built ensuring that our products not only turn the heads of the guests around for a look but also prove to stand the test against time and trend simultaneously. Please feel free to reach out for our online home and office furniture shopping with us and contact Vanity Living now.

Our Awesome Designers:

The artistry itself it a direct reflection of the artist and it’s the same that goes for us also. Our designers are the real reasons of this beautiful vision that turns to reality by the relentless efforts of our entire team. With top of their game, these amazing artists design our products and put their soul into it in the form of beauty. And it’s all for you! Our valuable customers. And due to this we are always more than excited to bring our amazing products in the market just for you. Please do visit our Instagram and Facebook page and check out our collection of high-quality in the trend home décor art as well and once again, you are more than welcomed to visit our official showroom in Dubai, UAE.