Console Table - Sepano Marble Glass

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This table showcases a beautiful marble glass top resting gracefully on a sturdy gunmetal stainless steel frame, creating a captivating centerpiece for your home. The table features a luxurious marble glass top that exudes sophistication and refinement. The marble-inspired pattern on the glass surface adds a touch of timeless elegance to any room. Its smooth and glossy finish not only enhances the visual appeal but also provides a durable and easy-to-clean surface.

Our marble glass console table is unique in design. If you wish to buy marble glass console table with side tables and coffee table, then you must check out our Sepano collection. Explore our collection and buy living room furniture set from us on lowest price. Premium quality is our commitment.


Key Features: 

  • Marble Glass
  • Gunmetal Stainless Steel Frame KD
  • Warranty: 12-month warranty 
  • Return Policy: Easy returns and exchange within 14-days. For more details please CLICK HERE.

Size: Length 120 cm, Width - 40 cm, Height - 78cm


  • Gentle Cleaning: Use a soft, damp cloth and mild, non-abrasive cleaning solutions when cleaning the marble glass surfaces. Harsh chemicals or abrasive materials can damage the surfaces over time.
  • Avoid Sharp Objects: Avoid scratching or chipping by refraining from placing sharp objects directly on the marble or glass surfaces.
  • Child Safety: If you have children, be cautious as glass components can break if subjected to rough play or forceful impacts.
  • Product Hightlights

    glass marble console table

    Sepano Marble Glass Console Table

    Introducing the exceptional Sepano Marble Glass Console Table with Gunmetal Stainless Steel—an embodiment of sophistication and contemporary design, meticulously curated to elevate your interior space. This remarkable piece boasts an array of captivating features that seamlessly fuse style with practicality. With the Sepano Marble Glass Console Table with Gunmetal Stainless Steel, you're not just getting furniture; you're embracing a masterpiece that embodies elegance, innovation, and artistic finesse. Redefine your living room with this exquisite creation that effortlessly marries beauty with function.

    glass marble console table for living room

    Gorgeous Marble Glass Fusion

    The console table showcases an appealing blend of luxurious sleek marble glass, marrying classic opulence with modern aesthetics. The smooth marble glass surface exudes timeless elegance.

    marble console table

    Sleek Gunmetal Stainless Steel Base

    The table's robust gunmetal stainless steel base not only complements the premium materials but also provides unmatched stability and durability. Its minimalist yet strong design offers a perfect balance of form and function.

    Marble console table in Dubai

    Impressive Focal Point

    The Sepano Console Table effortlessly captures attention, becoming the focal point of your entryway or living area. Its artistic presence adds an air of luxury, transforming your space into a haven of refined taste.