Console Table - Nerano Gunmetal

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Our stunning Console Table features a sleek smoke-tempered glass top supported by a robust gunmetal stainless steel frame. This exquisite piece combines contemporary design with durability, creating a standout addition to your home decor. The console table's top is crafted from high-quality smoke-tempered glass, offering a striking visual effect.

Elevate the elegance of your living room like never before with our smoke glass console table, offering exceptional value and style. If you are seeking a complete living room set, look no further than Vanity Living, your one-stop destination for premium living room furniture. Discover the perfect combination of sophistication and practicality as you transform your living space into a captivating haven.


  • Gunmetal and Stainless Steel
  • Smoke Glass Top
  • Premium Quality
  • 12-month warranty 
  • Easy returns and exchange within 14-days. For more details please CLICK HERE.


Size:Length- 40cm, Width- 120cm, Height- 78cm


  • Regular Cleaning: Clean the glass surface regularly using appropriate glass cleaner and a soft, lint-free cloth. Avoid using abrasive or harsh chemicals that may damage the glass or the metal finish.
  • Avoid Sharp Objects: Refrain from using sharp objects directly on the glass, as they may scratch or shatter it. Be cautious when placing or moving items on the table.
  • Product Hightlights

    metal console table

    Stainless Steel Smoke Glass Console Table

    The Gunmetal and Stainless-Steel Smoke Glass Console Table is a modern and stylish piece of furniture that adds elegance and functionality to your living room. This console table is a perfect blend of contemporary design and durable materials, making it a versatile addition to various interior decor styles. This console table is perfect in size of Length- 40cm, Width- 120cm, Height- 78cm. It is a combination of gunmetal, stainless steel, and smoked glass ensures durability, while its slim profile and spacious surface make it a practical and stylish addition to your home decor. Whether placed in the entryway, living room, or any other room, this console table is sure to make an impression.

    metal chrome console table

    High-quality materials

    The console table is crafted from a combination of gunmetal and stainless steel, ensuring both strength and durability. Gunmetal adds a touch of sophistication with its dark gary finish, while stainless steel provides a sleek and polished look that complements any setting.

    smoke glass top console table

    Smoke glass tabletop

    The console table features a smoked glass top, adding a sense of depth and visual appeal to the overall design. The smoke glass creates a beautiful contrast against the gunmetal and stainless-steel frame, making it an eye-catching centrepiece in your space.

    narrow console table

    Slim profile

    The console table boasts a slim and streamlined profile, making it an ideal choice for smaller rooms or narrow hallways. Its sleek design allows it to fit seamlessly into tight spaces without overwhelming the area, making it an excellent space-saving solution.