To create the illusion of a larger room space, mirrors are the ideal addition. Making the room look comparatively bigger and more reflective is one of the highly acknowledged attribute of the mirror. And especially in small spaces, which might feel confine, everything counts. Bringing home a luxury mirror could possibly transform things.

Before making a purchase for a mirror most of us know where to hang or place it. But some important considerations can add-on to the versatility. We know, mirrors are multitaskers. Apart from making sure you look good, they also let the surrounding space look brighter, better, and obviously bigger. It is the reflective nature of the mirror that allows it to make everything possible. This makes it an important furniture element.

Some simple room furniture arrangements, colour techniques, and smart lighting can be few essential initial steps that can help.

Well-placed mirrors can do miracles. Using them as embroiling vital furniture in the room against the focal point. This portrays the illusion of depth. It is the speciality of the mirror that it reflects both natural and artificial light helping in making the room look brighter during the day and night. The ultimate result of the illusion created by the mirror makes the room appear larger.

Unless it’s placed at the right spot, it would ruin all your efforts and intentions. These vanity mirrors on the walls or with dressing tables and even the glass table tops are the preferred choice of many interior designers and users across the globe to let the room have a more open feel. Some people even install mirrored cabinet doors to make the room feel larger.

Small rooms have that passive necessity to be treated that well. A well-placed mirror could create a sense of space in one of the smallest rooms in the house – the dressing room. Mostly, a bedroom happens to be your dressing room but in some luxury interior setups, there is a small separate section for it. And without windows it can be the dimmest part in the room. Lights and space are two major concerns in a dressing room. Among our bright collection of vanity furniture, we have got a single solution that resolves both of them – Hollywood mirrors with light. 

Our dressing table mirror has found the top post place in the priority of people expecting a lot from a makeup mirror. It has a list of functionalities that are amazingly comforting and simplifying dressing and makeup routines. Hollywood mirrors are abundantly found in almost every home in Dubai, UAE. 

A vanity mirror makes you rethink your makeup routine. Providing much more than sufficient bright natural light to help have a proper vision while applying makeup and dressing up, getting ready for a special party, a date, or a regular day. The dressing area in home would always be incomplete without this adorably decorative dressing table mirror.

You can adjust the intensity attached dimmable LED light bulbs through an easily accessible switch. It is the extremely loved facility of the makeup mirror by the majority of people who love to spend time dressing up, in the front of mirrors. But, its functionality is not the only thing that attracts people to bring them home. The unique designs of these vanity mirrors are astonishing and adorable, which convinces many buyers to use them as evident décor furniture in the bedroom or dressing area. These can be highly useful in achieving your intentions to make the room look brighter and larger.

However, a mirror, in general, possess that infiltration capability to dominate through even only its presence. Its strengths to develop an illusion to make the room look spacious is already noted and has been highly acknowledged by many. It can be used for the same purpose in a living room, a dining room, a bedroom, a hallway to perform its best use to enhance the imaginary space and the beauty of the room.

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Makeup mirror with lights is an elite part of our selection, delivering comfort in many Dubai homes. Our vanity mirror or even other product never misses impressing our customers with designs, functionality, and quality maintained by eco-friendly materials. You can reach out to us now if you don’t want to drop the best offers on top quality Hollywood mirrors that give you luxurious makeup and living experience.