A living room without a coffee table is lot like a musical symphony without a rhythm. Just as a beat is important to enhance and hold the tune, so is an espresso desk equally vital for your guest room. Caffeine counters serve numerous purposes; from finishing a look to storage they may be a lot more wanted in a space. But the real question arises, should you go along a wooden one with chunky legs or a steel one with a glass top? And what about the shapes? A round coffee table or a rectangular one? The alternatives are countless and at instances may be overwhelming but here are 5 must know things when choosing your demitasse furnishing.

What touches your hand, Touches your heart!

When you are out in a furniture showroom and looking for that perfect coffee table and you caress your hand over a variety of those desks and suddenly you stop at the touch of one of them and wonder if this is the one. Immediately you realize, it literally is what your heart wants. You then start inspecting the material more carefully for it’s the durability.

Generally, MDF (Medium Density Fibrewood) is proving to be much better than Oak, Pine or Solid wood. Now whether you are an industrial look lover or a wooden flavoured person, this depends on you.

The Contorno

If you have one of those naughty cute little toddlers crawling in your home, then the best advice is to go for a round or an oval shaped coffee table. However multiple other factors are also taken into consideration when setting up your living room such as the size of your lounge itself and how spacy you want it to be. For more free area to walk in that living room, a circular mocha counter would do just fine but if you liked a more sophisticated look then rectangular quadruple designs would just fit in it like a piece of a puzzle.

The Proper, The Better!

Neither an oversized nor an undersized would do. Yes! the quest is for a subtle sized product for your house. Normally, if you have a frequency of max 3 to 4 guests or friends visiting you then a medium sized coffee stand would be ideal. However, the capacity to set it up also plays an important role.

Let’s just say if you have a tv furniture unit against one wall, a sofa set with side stands in the middle and a console buffet right beside the other wall in your drawing room and you want to purchase a cappuccino desk specifically to place it in the centre of the space. You need to pre-figure out how big or how small it should be.

Vintage or Modern, Your Call Bud

Here comes the jaw dropper! You may want your guests to feel if they are sitting in Marseille, France or having a get together party in Amsterdam, Its totally your call! Style is the essence of your drawing room, whether a vintage or a contemporary one. If you are a corporate world personality, a glass coffee table will compliment your exemplar. But if you are an artist, even you know you can’t escape the likes of that classic wood espresso desk.

Cappuccinos, Friends and Wallets!

Everyone would love free Caffe Latte, don’t they? But the table you put your espresso mug on isn’t. The cost is also one of the parameters to acknowledge when buying a product like this. While many other points above determine the type and size of this product, this fact somewhat does govern your choice. However, when it is solely about a flex, then the story is a bit different, isn’t it?

So, next time whenever you are out to buy a new caffeine table, make sure to give heed to these few factors and as you start your beautiful morning, don’t forget to thank the Ethiopians for one of their best inventions, Coffee.

February 03, 2023 — Carlo Gersalia