The lifeline of every home starts in the living room and therefore, your living room ought to be an exquisite embodiment of who you are. Since the living room is the nucleus of a home, when decorating it with a modern theme, you should consider incorporating all the essentials that hallmark interior décor. Vanity Living range of products is unrivalled in modernity i.e. downright cozy, simple, warm and inviting. All modern living rooms use the available space most economically.

Use Vanity Living furniture since they seamlessly blend in while giving a sense of sleekness in their style. The finishing of a modern living room design should always take into account a focal point. Moreover, a playful combination of traditional art and cutlery could blend perfectly with modern furniture and electronics. Even though in most living room designs - modern and traditional alike - the fireplace has always been the focal point, spicing up an entire wall could have the overall effect of generating a picturesque focal wall.

The living room design should creatively incorporate a playful combination of a wide variety of colors, art, and stylish finishes that takes away the monotony of bare walls by adding a touch of excitement. Furthermore, bright colors have the overall effect of making a less spacious living room appear larger than it is. Since a modern living room design is an amalgam of styles, consider large glass windows that link the inside living room with the outdoor environment. Finally, modern living room designs should incorporate graphic art while at the same time spell simplicity, neatness, and organization.

To better dissect the modern living room theme, we consider some common living room styles that can be decorated to incorporate a sense of modernity. These common modern living room designs are contemporary, organic, classic, and mid-century.

Living Room Ideas

To create a contemporary look in your modern living room, you might consider adding a touch of bold colors. These colors should be solid as well as family-neutral. This will not only bring out more life to the room but also give the right glamor associated with a modern theme. The furniture in a modern contemporary living room should be simple and of a solid neutral color. The Madrid-chrome coffee table by Vanity Living combined with fluffy sofas with straight and clean lines will create a sense of uniformity and modernity to your living room. Creatively designed furniture will add a taste of fashion but a single accent should be more than enough. Lighting in modern contemporary designs should serve to create more attention to the focal point of the living room. The E14 Incandescent Glass LED Daylight Color Bulb for Vanity mirror might just do the trick for you. They offer creative lighting fixtures with unique designs that will portray chic aesthetics and help bring out the modern vibe. To nail the façade, integrate colorful rugs on the floor area that will perfectly match the furniture and the colors.

Modern Living Room

The organic style in a modern living room is best suited for small to tiny spaces. However, this does not mean that the organic look won’t go well in spacious living rooms. This style is for people who have a thing for nature and earthiness. Nothing can bring the essence of nature more than greenery, genuine or faux. With plenty of houseplants, preferably real, you get to bring the outdoors and the warmth and freshness of nature within your reach. To achieve the rich earthly allure, incorporate leafy patterns and arts, as well as handmade organic pieces. Ensure that your windows and doors can allow in as much natural light as possible. You might want to incorporate a cute Portrait Vanity Mirror with Dimmable Lights on some corner to exaggerate the allure. For privacy, consider brown and crispy white curtains that won’t give a frumpy appearance for your large windows. Contemplate consolidating a tiny cowhide or handmade rug, fuzzy in texture but maintain that cozy feeling associated with modernity by appending a cute vanity Living Verona Gold Side Table on a corner. Woven chairs and wooden ornaments sitting on top of a Vanity Living Madrid Chrome Side Table will also achieve the perfect blend of rustic charm and sleek modernity. An amalgam of high and low will punctuate the ambience with a tone of splurge and extravagance.

Classic Living Room Design

The best way to spell a modern classic look is to articulate its sleekness. Classic designs are mostly European inspired. The designs are always timeless and tend to go against the craze of fads and trends. A concoction of Roman, Victorian, and Greek art and décor will seamlessly blend into a timeless and stylish modern design. To start with, ensure there is harmony between the architecture and the interiors of the living room. It is crucial to go for a minimalist décor that takes into account attention to detail, but a maximalist will also do. To jumble both futuristic and past designs, simple sophistication should be the order of the day. Nothing can match the classic seduction of the Vanity Living Duro Chrome Sofa Table in a classic modern living room. You can create a romantic ambience, by going for cozy materials that are neither bland nor boring (a good example is a combination of velvet and pastel shadings). To pull off that stylishly timeless look, create a brew of modernity and tradition by incorporating oversized floor lamps against a backdrop of shades of brown, grey, white and black visual interests. Choose a neutral wall against which an antique furniture piece will sit or stand to effectuate order and equilibrium. Complete the look by adding that winsome Madrid Chrome Console Table against the decorated wall to fabricate the charm of a focal point. To attain the elegance associated with modern classic designs, sum up by whisking chic furniture pieces, serene and ice grey tones, and audio-video technology overlooking velvet fabrics all sitting on a large high-pile shag rug. Finally, accentuate your space with a cute rug, or a conspicuous piece of modern art that can demarcate a focal point. Other pieces of furniture that might fit in sensationally includes the Davos Medium Round Glass Dining Table and the Verona Gold Side and Console Tables all by Vanity Living.

Modern Midcentury

Popular for its timeless appeal, clean lines, and iconic ornamentations, the midcentury modern style is the in-thing for people who love high functionality and organic silhouettes. By zeroing in on the classics, you can be able to consummate a great modern midcentury feeling to a living room. This can be done effortlessly without being over-retro by infusing elements of organic shapes to complement the bare stone features common with this 1950’s design. Ensure that there is not one piece that dominates the modern living room space by creating a medley in a variety of textiles as well as lacquer and plastic furniture that sits on the backdrop of cute metallic finishes. Choose furniture with distinctive features, for example, the Vanity Living Madrid Chrome Side table with something inspiring sitting on top of it. Low-profile brown leather sofas with raised frames to show simple legs, decorative pendants, and knitted pouffes will also give a super-modern and quaint look that will leave you wowed at all times. A simple Davos Large Glass Dining Table will complete the look in a simple yet modern style. A jute rug will seamlessly homogenize the look if it matches the stunning Verona Gold Coffee Table by Vanity Living sitting on top of it. Go for mid-tone wood flooring that also matches the furniture to bring in a sense of benevolence and affability in the room. The best color for walls and ceilings in midcentury modern style is white as it brightens the room and gives an impression of an even bigger space. Large windows to allow in as much natural lighting as possible is also a crucial feature of this style. Finally, a playful combination of light fixtures, ranging from arc lamps and large oversized lamps to cosmic standing lamps will bring style and elegance to the midcentury modern living room design.

Never Get it Wrong

When setting up a modern living room it is important to appreciate the fact that a majority of the decor designs should be minimalist. However, maximalism is taking over the modern interior decor space like wildfire. In a bid to evoke the aura of affluence, homeowners are showcasing their cosseted and cherished antiques in all the plum styles they can conceive. Creativity is key. Decongest and declutter your space to give it a sense of simplicity. As observed from the various styles discussed above, dull colors are a poisoned chalice. Therefore, attain the latter-day aura with a touch of luxury with a choice of white or bright color appellate. Interior décor artistes will advise you to opt for crown moulding in case you want to give the high floor-to-ceiling-walls impression. Furthermore, you can breathe more life into your living room by creating a sophisticated lounge. You can also add rows of bookshelves to act as conversation pieces that can grab complete a space while at the same time grabbing everyone’s attention. However, you ought to be careful when selecting such a piece. These shelves are supposed to beautifully and effortlessly blend in with the surrounding, otherwise, they can easily become an eyesore.

Make it Homely and Affordable

The fireplace is also a perfect location to create a nice seating area and keep a cool conversation going. This position brings out a cozy ambience and when coupled with some soft and fluffy fabrics, your modern living room easily transforms into a homely and warm haven. Choose some neutral colors for this spot and a rug of your liking that preferably matches the seats and the wall colors.

To imbue a mellow and cozy mood, antique candlesticks will do the trick. Even with unlit candles, residents of the living room will be treated to romantics scenes perfect for any homely setting. Wallpapers and hanging art are also modern features in most latter-day living rooms, as they have been since time immemorial. Consider wallpapers with delicate printings that bring express grandeur as well as rapid pulchritude.

In conclusion, a living room should be the home paradise where attention to detail is meticulously applied. As such, we advise that you go for the variety of Vanity Living products as they are not only affordable but will also give your living room the right touch of modernity that is needed. This implies that nothing should be left to chance.

February 17, 2020 — vanityliving Admin