Console tables are a very versatile piece of furniture that has become a must have item in our homes nowadays. While living in major cities around the world such as Dubai, Qatar, Sydney or Miami you may find that the interior gives a lot of importance and a personality to the home and the person living in it.

Known by many names alternatively such as a hallway table or an entry table or very rarely yet sometimes even as an entryway desk, this piece of furnishing presents many options of its usage as well too.

Here are some cool ways to utilize this product in various parts of home.

1. Using as an Entryway Table

An exceptionally good option is to use your console table in an entry way towards your lounge. Let’s say if you have a narrow entry way towards an opening door to a wide drawing room then having a sleek mirrored console table besides the entry way wall would in fact be a very pleasant furnishing for your guests to keep their car keys on.

You can decorate it with a minimalist approach by keeping a vase and adding a wall mirror above it to make the look more aesthetic.

2. Your Lounge Décor

Nowadays you will usually find industrial designed console tables in Dubai and UAE more than conventional wooden designed furniture. However, it still depends on the taste of your choice whether you prefer a metallic finished or a wooden classic style for your house. In your drawing room this desk against the wall can bring out the optimum look you prefer.

You can place some decorative items such as photo frames, cases or luxury lamps as well. Apart from that, a good utility would be to have a hallway desk with drawers to store extra stuff as well such as magazines, wristwatches or wallets.

3. What’s The Use Of A Console Table in Dining Room?

A question that can be answered with presenting the variety of usage of your table. Your imagination is the limit to the utilization of your entryway desk. If it has storage options such as drawers or shelves, then you can use it to keep your cutlery and ceramic crockery for your guests at a banquet or a dinner party at your home. It can come in very handy even if its just you and your family for the dinner time as you can keep those dining utensils in it and no need to run back all the way to the kitchen to fetch that fork, spoon or an extra plate. Saving you from the unwanted hassle!

4. Another Unexpected Usage for Your Console Table

Very unusual to hear about a console table in a bedroom. However, if you happen to have a small sized one with minimum two or one drawers then you can have the benefit of using it as an extra lamp stand or a piece of décor. You can also utilize it as an alternate to a dressing desk by mounting a wall mirror above on the wall.

It is a particularly clever way to utilize your furniture in many ways. However, these simple hacks are handy when you have an extra piece like this along with efficient space to manage with or you are tight on your budget momentarily and need to utilize the item in diverse ways for a brief period of time.

March 02, 2023 — Carlo Gersalia