They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but little is acknowledged that it needs more than the eye to radiate that elegance on your personality especially if you are a woman, you will understand it much better. Yes! we are talking about that dressing room of yours.

While a professional theatre changing area may require much more equipment, here are a few essentials you should have to match that allure.

Where the Fun Begins

The dressing table is one of the extensive pieces of furnishing that defines your cabin. All your makeup and beauty products can be kept in the little cupboards within the unit itself. Buying a good apparel table will save you from a lot of hassle you might experience in the future.

Though the market is full of various dressing room furniture designs when it comes to make-up tables, but one has to figure out the best for themselves in terms of drawer options, size, withstanding ability material and of course, the pricing. If you are into a pro beautician career you might need to have a makeup desk that has a greater number of cabinets and can support large reflector on its surface. And to make your workspace look more appealing, the colour and texture can play a vibrant role.

Get Ready with Comfort

When you are getting slightly late for your date and your partner is waiting for you in the lounge wondering what’s taking you so long. It’s the comfort of your dressing room furniture sets that keeps you in the enjoying your makeup session. Particularly speaking, your comfortable seat.

Investing in a comfortable make-up stool with a soft velvet covered foaming is a must for you to enhance your skills as it will keep you relaxed enough to focus more on applying that base on your cheeks rather than feel the discomfort of your seating.

Mirror, Mirror On the Wall or my Desk!

To turn heads around at the party with using that new cosmetic line, you need a quality dressing mirror to touch up, especially one with surrounded light bulbs fabricated.

This piece of furniture is one of the third most essential items and as it is said, the bigger the better! It truly fits in when it comes to make-up room mirrors. However, you can find smaller sized imagers also as per your area or desk. Mounting the seeing glass on the wall might be a good idea to save more space around. The key is to find the most suitable light adjustment reflector according to the type of makeup and luminance you require.

Let there Be Light

Speaking of luminance we need to shine some of the important elements on it. A perfectly saturated environment will provide the best results for your final blend in respect to your attire. One must need appropriate lighting for the final touch up. Most professionals use the mirror lights in the start and then the room lighting to analyse the result of the make-up they just did, which is actually a very good tactic to shine out that charm you have.

Off to Narnia

On a lighter note you’d be lucky to have a wardrobe cabinet that opens to a spectacular snowy magical land on the other side. But if not, at least a nice cupboard can be no lesser that a good spell to conjure in that enchanting realm of your makeup studio.

A solid wardrobe cupboard is a must for keeping all those amazing apparel safe and well managed to match with that classic eyeliners or to create the breath grasping contrast you desire. Depending on the mini parlour size or placement criteria, you can choose from a variety of options such as material, design, colour and space.

To conclude it all, these five equally important items are the foundation of any dressing room whether it belongs to a makeup artist or a regular person.

January 31, 2023 — Carlo Gersalia