While living a life of luxury in one of the most preferred cities in the world, Dubai, You tend to have a beautiful décor for your apartment. And that includes your beautiful dining room as well. There are many more design ideas that you can utilize to make that eating space look chic, however one needs to keep in mind that the design and the look of the room should complement each other. For example, if you have a rustic finished room layout, then adding an industrial look won’t look the best.

1. Armchair

Traditionally the most widely used and having a name of its own heritage, this type of item has been used as a dining chair since the mid-century time. As the name states it, the two arm rests are usually given to support elbows while having a meal on the dining table.

2. Side Chair

Sometimes mistaken for an armchair, the side chair is almost identical to the previously discussed. The significant difference is of the arm rests. Usually, side chairs don’t have the arm rests along with it.

3. Parson’s Chair

Parsons is one of the famous designs of an upholstered chair that has been around the furniture industry from mid to modern times. With the tufted and elongated back rest, also foamed and without armrests, this one has a unique kind of appearance and easily recognizable. The comfortable level this design provides is satisfying efficiently.

4. Ladder Back Chair

A perfect urban look with these beautiful artistically designed ladder-back chairs for your dining room. Usually, you will find these made with wooden material to preserve its traditional look while adding contemporary features to it over time.

 5. Slat Back Chair

These chairs are also one of the traditional styled seating used in the mid centuries and also used in modern times too. Without the armrests and the back rest with vertical linear support, these are lighter in weight and easier to move around the dining table.

6. Queen Anne Chair

These chairs have different uses. It can be used as a resting chair in the chilly winter lounge or at the dining table but mostly at a long rectangular banquet table at its start. In tradition, this product has been a symbol of leadership and ownership and is preserved mostly for the head person of the household.

7. Splat Back Chair

Another one of its exquisite designs is the splat back chair which is armless but comfortable none the less.

With this dining room furniture, it is very feasible to have more space and also can be used with round dining tables and even the cornered ones, whether square or rectangular ones. Usually chairs like these have very less weight and their designs give them an advantage to use it in other rooms and areas as well.

Dining Chairs are a statement of elegance class and delicacy when it comes to get together meals with a large or a small group. From the old palaces to the newest restaurants these exquisite designs may have evolved into new materialistic changes and shapes, but one can see the touch of artistry embedded deep within its presence in a room.

January 30, 2023 — Carlo Gersalia