From the early classic period of Greece in BC to the Middle Ages of the 15th century AD, the tradition of dining together has been the very format to introduce various types of dining room furnishing. The most commonly prominent is the dining table among them.

Even though the tradition has gone into many phases and transitions in the modern era, the furniture industry still presents with marvelous designs and furnishings ideas for your banquet rooms, in our case, the dinner table particularly!

There are many traditional and modern designs which can be categorized with in the boundaries of their make, material style and genre.

For example, if we think about an old large marble slab designed one, then we can picture ourselves talking about older times, maybe in the banquet halls of a roman palace.

But if we look at metallic framed with a wooden, metallic or a glass top, then we can imagine ourselves sitting in a business lounge where a deal is going on between two parties, the industrial look isn’t it?

Here we are going to focus on the several styles of these table designs.

The Rustic Diner Table Design

This design speaks through its name already. The finish on this type of design is already an orangish rust coloured. Whether it may be a wooden framed and top or a metal built, this finish will make your dining table design look like an old rusty piece of furniture. To make it look more natural in the room, it’s a good suggestion to keep the theme rustic look for rest of the dining area.

The Industrial Look

To check out the theme for a chic styling you can go with the metal framed furniture. Sturdy and built for long term use you can find this type of industrial design furnishings in very unconventional shapes and looks. You can find such types of designs in a factory’s mess. Creating that look in the room will give the proper enhancement of this sturdy build metallic diner tables with that industrial look will be a fancy way.

The Wooden Classics

Being a lover of the classical era of the wooden furniture, you can be swayed by the exquisite look of the beautiful designs of dining table. It can be the natural wood look, or the solid wood material giving a dark brownish polished look. These tables can be hand made and also carved in factories depending on the style and look required. Most commonly small diner tables look cute around the kitchen or eating space which can be very convenient for guests also.

Glassy Chic Kitchen Tables

Coming towards the modern era we find that the material for furniture production and use is also evolving day by day. This style comes mostly for the luxury purposes. You can buy modern style glass and mirror panelled dining tables for your dining room, and it will also serve as a sparkling décor in the houses.

Combos Reloaded!

From here we step into the modern times of different material combination of dining tables. From the wooden metal to, glass and metallic framed and marble slabbed metallic framed structured items are being introduced in the markets.

In the niche of wooden furniture, the MDF (Medium Density Fiber) made combo with stainless steel legs took the commercial side of the market by a storm. The round shaped glass and metallic diner tables are one of the most common items being sold and purchased.

Now days these metal wood or metal glass tables are the best options you can find in the furniture markets across the world. With manufacturing cost and material utility brought to minimum, these items are now available in much economical prices.
January 20, 2023 — Carlo Gersalia