When it comes to home furniture and décor in Dubai, people always prefer to go for the best. But finding the right choice is the hassle that can make it a bit difficult to do so. So mostly they turn to the internet to find out where they can find the “ideal” products they want. Well not to worry anymore, Vanity Living brings you the best offers and today we will try our best to find out why.

Over the years people in the modern world have developed a taste for elegance and usability in different genres of products. Specifically speaking for furniture industry, it depends mostly on the designing, style, material and texture of the items and collections.

One can rate any store on these terms, but the services provided by this business also counts into consideration.

Today we will take a deep dive into some key aspects of why Vanity Living stands out as a potential choice of decor brand for its customers in the UAE.

Budget Friendly Cost:

Vanity Living is one of the few furniture stores in Dubai which provide their home decors in a much affordably reasonable prices in the market. With a mind set to make their furnishings economically within reach for everyone to buy, this brand exceeds in the top list of online furniture stores across the Emirates.

Variety Of Material Used in Their Furniture:

Another aspect that is notable about Vanity Living is the diversity of material they use. From the sturdy faux leather to soft smooth silky velvet in fabric these materials define sturdiness of the furnishing itself. And the strong metallic, wooden frames and bodies of the furniture is its core.

Information Accessibility: Know it Before You Own It!

One of the many reasons that Vanity Living UAE is successful in business and gaining more customers is due to effective, true and efficient information about their products on their websites and in person. It helps buyer to know much more about the items beforehand.

10% Off on First Order!

With an amazing offer for our first-time customers, Vanity Living UAE is delighted to give a discount of 10% for the very first order on any item. We love finding a balance between the customer’s buying power and our business.

Not Just Free Delivery but Also Free Assembly:

Mostly for the people residing in Dubai, it becomes difficult to go shopping any random day as the life here is a hectic routine none the less. So, the solution that Vanity Living presents is a free delivery and assembly. Just place an order on website or in person at their official showroom and relax. Your product will reach you within 3 to 4 working days at your doorstep and will be assembled right in front of you so that you can do it yourself next time. Such a time saver!

Easy Process for Return Policy:

With a span of 14 days of return and refund policy, this furniture store in Dubai lands its place in one of the top clear policy fitment shops in Dubai.

It is natural for any furnishing company to deliver an item and once in a blue moon it turns out to be faulty or gets damaged with in these days. And with a simple process completing all the formality required, you can get a replacement, refund or return.
January 12, 2023 — Carlo Gersalia