Side Tables are a major use in our modern-day living rooms. The small sleeky square, circular or hexagonal shaped furnishings at the ends of each of your sofa sets can create an impact of an organized look in your lounge.

For professional interior designers, it is a piece of cake, but sometimes we do run out of ideas for organizing your end tables in your drawing room.

Here are a couple of cool ideas as to how you can set up the these in your meeting space.

Placement Of Your Side Tables Matters a Lot

There is a particular reason a side stand is also called an end table. It is because usually it is placed at the corner of a sofa. However, your creativity only demands your vision towards your interior. You can fit it in the corner of your room between two sofas at a 90-degree angle. Or if your room is big enough, and you can set up your sofas in a line against the wall, then you can tug in one of these amazing accent tables easily.

One more thing to understand is that the distance from your couch to your end table should be minimalist. You don’t want to have your guests stretching out uncomfortably, just to keep a coffee mug on that side stand.

Some other key factors that can help you decide about sofa side desk placements are the size of the room, the size of the furniture itself and the shape of your end tables. For example, it is pointless to place circular ones between space that requires a square one.

Make sure your living room emits the aesthetic sense by aligning the furniture in equal distance proportions so that it looks neater and more organized.

Your Coffee Bearers! Height Of an End Table

If you happen to live in Europe or the UAE, then you’d understand that the courtesy of having guests in your living room requires a very calculated environment. From room temperature to lighting and odour to the comfortability of the seating arrangement for your guests you get to plan out a lot. Speaking about sofa side tables again, we understand the fact that usually, its height should be just an inch below the sofa arm so that it is easily used to keep a tea mug or grab a newspaper or magazine kept on it. But you can also buy side tables here in Dubai, which are shorter in height depending on whether your sofas have side arms stands or not. Or have you placed it along a smaller couch or a larger seater.

Decorating Your End Tables

You can use them as decors as well by adding some cool ideas to it. A luxury lamp, which can serve as a gorgeous illuminating sight besides the sofa or a ceramic designed vase with beautiful fresh flowers tucked in to provide fresh smell around the room as well.

You can have many different ideas according to your taste for décor and utility for this amazing piece of furniture.

Smaller sized side tables are very handy in usage as well as you can use them as a small coffee desk for two people as well. With these few tips you can enhance the look of your living room to a significant amount.

February 13, 2023 — Carlo Gersalia