As the doorbell rings and you open the door to find your friend standing in front of you and you welcome her and guide her to your living room and just turn around to see her mouth hanging in amazement looking at the beautifully furnished place.

It can be put to a bet that almost 98% of the people want their guests to feel just like this as they step foot in the lounge, but what makes that impact is the real deal.

Here are some cool ideas to decorate your meetup area in your home:

  • A Selective Theme
  • Tricks to make it look more Spacious.
  • The Greenish Vibe
  • Alignment of Furniture
  • Minimalist Approach for Smaller Rooms

A Selective Theme (Vintage or Modern Living Rooms or Seasonal Look)

When it comes to creating the modern environment for your lounge, you can have a wide variety of themes and selectable environment creatives. For example, if you are into the rustic theme, you can have furniture that has a brownish rusty coloured look. Or if you have a bigger place, then the industrial look with a dark themed walls would look perfectly aesthetic for this. It reminds me of a movie Batman vs Superman in which you can see the industrial look for Bruce Wayne’s penthouse drawing room. 

Or if you are a classical person, fond of living in a castle then a vintage or a Victorian look will be the best fitting motif for you. From those tufty leathered cushioned sofa sets to that solid wooden coffee tables, these looks will compliment your style. And not to forget that grand piano in that corner if you have a big lounge and even if you don’t play it, it’s a must! when it comes to vintage styled décor. You can find some good examples of lounges in movies like The Devil’s Advocate and the Wolfman for that vintage look. Or for a more Victorian theme look, Sherlock Holmes’ drawing room appeals the best.

Keeping The Spacious Look (Tricks to make it look Roomier)

From a point of view the roomier your lounge will look, the more likely neat and tidy it will be beheld. Several tricks can help you make it look spacy such as round coffee tables rather than rectangular ones, curtains hanging higher, console desks against the wall rather than behind sofas, a smartly aligned seating arrangement and sleeker furniture. All these tend to create more free area in your drawing room.

The Greenish Vibe (Of Plants and Decorative)

Another cool idea to decorate your meetup space is with plants. Whether original or artificial, plants are a very good way to create some decent look in the area itself where they are kept. Ideally origin ones are better and multifunctional as not only decorative but some of them have the tendency to purify your homes as well. Some purify the air around the house, some are insect repellent, and some are so beautiful enough to just get you through the day.

Alignment of Furniture (Let’s Ignite An Architect Spirit Within)

Personally, I am a person who likes to keep things organized if I am not in one of those lazy episodes! When you keep your furniture in an organized way, it looks much nicer, neater. Proper alignment such as placing, and height of a sofa set along with your center tables and side tables will help create this geometric environment in your guest area.

Minimalist Approach for Smaller Lounges (The Lesser The Better)

Another good idea for self-décor for is to keep minimum amount of furnishing in the guest welcoming area so that it doesn’t look hectic and more congested when it comes to smaller spaces like these. A sleeker design furniture with minimum equipment along it will do the job.

Apart from these 5 approaches, there are many other options to consider depending on your budget, your environment etc.

February 14, 2023 — Carlo Gersalia