Asking your friend for a home dinner could be a special occasion to decorate the kitchen table and make it look more attractive and fascinating. But why not just make your everyday a special day. Whenever you sit on your dining table to enjoy your food, it sets the transforming vibe to a happier scenic in the dining room.

Vanity Living has been making delicate Hollywood vanity furniture for our beloved customers for years. During this course of the period, this is one of the frequently asked questions – how can we make our glass dining table look energised? 

Finally, we are sharing a simple guide with a few lovely tips to help enhance the decorative element over a food table. Mostly dinner tables are located near the kitchen fragmenting the dilemmas of operating complexities. Depending on the type of a dining table relying on several factors such: its material, size, shape, base frame, and a lot more, you can look forward to doing some relatable arrangements to decor the kitchen table. 

The element you’re adding to over your glass dining table should match with the functionality of the table, instead of looking like an odd placement. Like pilling up a small stack of books on the dining table would not be a sensible thing to get along with. There are a bunch of things you can consider, which includes fruits, plants, simple centre piece, and more.

If you choose to bring home a keen glass dining table – one of the best from our collection, you may find numerous ways of decorating or styling it. Glass-top dining tables purposely makes a room feel more spacious and airy. Being a see-through table it adds a dimensional design element with a clear view of the geometric base frame. Although the table in itself is very beautiful, but decorating it intensifies the visual interest.

Bare Table

The Hollywood vanity influenced dining table is beautifully designed that it solely compliments the interior theme of the room. Some people prefer it to keep blank, and not to disrupt its beauty by placing something over it. This can be beneficial in a way while serving food you have more than enough space to manage it properly.


Bringing table linens over the glass dining table inflates the colours, texture, and useful function in the room. These table mats are a necessary element incorporating the standard eating behaviour. What’s better you can have, if have the chance to turn necessity into an opportunity to decorate the table. This collectively gives a solid appearance. You can find various theme based linens in the market to suits the essence of your dining room.


Using a bowl or more than one bowls of fresh fruits to improve their consumption frequency and add colour to the table. You can put oranges, apples, strawberry, or any other fruits you like a separate bowl, preferably make use of transparent glass containers, and use them as centrepieces. It is one of the nicest and useful ideas for precisely decorating a table.


Placing a plant on the dining table enclave freshness into the room. It is another lovely way of turning a relaxing element to a decorative – a fresh plant or a set of two or three plants can be placed at the centre of the table. Ensure, they shouldn’t be oversized. Otherwise, they will obstruct the views and also occupy a lot of space on the table.


Adding a simple centrepiece will help the table look more sophisticated & interesting while keeping it clean and empty. There is a standard size for the decorating piece, it needs to be chosen in balance with the size of the table. You can be highly creative with the idea of centrepieces, which includes colourful vases, silver candlesticks and anything of your interest.

Place Settings and Dishes

With proper settings of dinner arrangements on the decorative table tops for dinner parties, holiday gatherings, and everyday dining, you get a decent look prepared for the table. It sets the hungry vibe on the table when serving tools are on their place and ready for use.

Wrapping Up

At Vanity Living, you deliver the finest collection of vibrant square, rectangle, or round dining table in Dubai, UAE that are not only great at performance on the scales of quality but are also sustain the beautiful and unique designs. The portfolio of our exciting collection is available on our website, you can visit there to find the best suit for your dining room. 

We are always available to answer all your questions in case of any queries you may reach out to us freely. Customer satisfaction is our top priority. You can drop your email at our website to stay updated with upcoming deals, offers and discounts.
June 12, 2020 — vanityliving Admin