The dressing area is moreover a very personal space in a home. It needs to own that persisting legacy, otherwise, what’s the point. Compositely the vivid performance of the vanity table and a makeup mirror with lights transcends our expectations every day while getting ready. The dressing area feels incomplete without their convenience, comfort, and lushness.

The amazingly crafted home fitting proclaims assurance numerous evident and helpful features. No matter, if a table is the convectional one, i.e. highly designated for the purpose, or a simple desk resting your makeup utilities in an organized manner, a beautiful and carrying out dressing table makes a difference. It is the place where you want to spend time – dressing up, applying makeup, looking the best of yours for a special occasion or a regular day.

A vanity table helps us keeping our makeup utilities organized with the allotment of a chest of drawers. But, there is one frequently asked question by many people having one or willing to have one, how can we decorate or bless the table top of makeup table to make it look attractive, blissed, and functional?

Though finding a dressing table for your home from our elegant collections of Hollywood vanity furniture could answer it certainly well yet we have noted some marvelous ways that you can opt for to decorate your table. There are no standards to follow. Most people prefer to keep it bespoke and trace their own will on what they want to place on the table.

1. Neat, Clean, and Organized

While hustling to find the perfect lipstick, slides and perfume, hair curlers when you are in a hurry for a planned party or a date, your dressing table might end up looking messy & horrible like land after the bomb explosion. Rather than putting your money in a makeup box invest that sum in a bunch of storage boxes.

Ample space is the specialty of our dressing tables. They are deep drawers that provide you with the ability to store many of your make up accessories and additional space on the table top for your makeup, brushes or some decorating instruments – like a photo frame. If you could hang the dressing table mirror over the wall, it would help you to get some more space. It makes getting ready a lot easier by totally separating things and organizing them beautifully.

2. A Comfortable Seating – Stool

Over the years, we have been spending plenty of our time in front of the mirror on the dressing table tool. So, it essential to focus on comforting attributes of the chair that also fit with décor styling in the room. Our mirror stool with white legs adds glamour to your room letting the makeup work get easier.

It is an astonishing furniture piece with mirrored designs on the side and white gloss wooden leg makes your dressing area look more attractive. Durable wood for strong legs, the clear mirror for lusher sides of the seat and quality velvet cushions – all contributes to the promising comfort for a longer period.

3. The Mirror with lights

There is no surprise to hear how special and important ‘mirror with lights’ are in a dressing room. We are obsessed with looking onto mirrors whenever we pass by them a shop, cafe or hotel to confirm our look, though they show us at our worst. There comes in highly functional and decorative vanity mirrors that transform the reality of makeup experience. You can adore yourself in numerous light reflections, just to be sure how you look before you walk out of your home.

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You will have to think about the size and style of the mirror. Consider that everybody would want something that compliments the room, we have got tremendous Hollywood mirrors that perfectly fits with any style you want. These are large mirror with lights on the edge bringing the luxurious vibe to your room. 

4. Relaxing Area

Lighting is seriously an important factor, but apart from that what matters is how you make you dressing table presentable. Ultimately it’s your place, somewhere you can relax, enjoy some self-time while making yourself look awesome. Adding a little plant or scented candles or a small table watch to keep you aware of the time – makes space enjoyable all time spent there. 

At Vanity Living, we make available a vivid range of Hollywood vanity styled dressing table and elements (such as mirror stools or vanity mirrors with lights) that can magnify the beauty of your table. There is nothing better than to bring home than a makeup table adding glamour and luxury to your bedroom with the elegant glass finish.

We believe in responsible Eco-friendly production. Our mirrors are made with a non-lead coated mirror, giving it an extra-long life and a sharper finish.