Introducing you to our all-new classy, luxurious and impeccable invention to date. Mirrors are the ideal gadgets that reflect back your personality. We are elated to disclose that our glamorous collection now comprises of a novel creation that is all set to add glitters to your dressing room.

Now let me take you through a roller coaster ride of the best thing since sliced bread. Portrait Vanity Mirror is a cherry to the cake as it has been designed with great efforts and scrutiny.

This cutting-edge device has 8 LED light bulbs mounted on the alluring frame to enhance your experience with getting party-ready. These replaceable LED bulbs ensure the daylight color that is best recommended for your make-up. It doesn’t let you fall in any sort of illusion and portraits you exactly what you look-alike in the daylight. Great. Isn’t it?

The dimmer is adjustable and can be rectified accordingly to achieve the desired brightness. Hence, allowing you to analyze yourselves in variety of different wavelengths of light and giving you a complete flawless and smudge free look. Struggling to put on smudge free winged eyeliner? Adjust your dimmer and slay your make-up. So girls, be ready to watch your friends getting jealous!

This vanity mirror isn’t just a mirror. It’s a luxurious bundle of joy specially designed to augment your dressing room. It unveils the beautiful you! This unimpeachable vanity mirror with lights stands on a heavy strong wooden base that is enduring and reliable. The finest quality elements used in its creation will never let you down. The glossy white polished surface makes a perfect pair with your freshly painted walls.

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This perfect combo of exquisite design and quality components will not fail to astonish you and will enhance the beauty of your dressing room. The dazzling and elegant vanity mirror can also serve as a purpose for bathroom and decorative mirrors. The splendid piece even doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.

Of course, size matters! This tabletop vanity mirror with LED lights is of the perfect size for any dressing table, at 50cm (L) 70cm (H) and 18cm (W). It’s really easy to use; all you need to do is plug it in and begin your most treasured make-up experience. Undoubtedly, the metal hook fixed behind makes sure that it can be hung on the wall too.

In addition, we had also designed an XL Portrait Vanity Mirror that comprises of 12 LED light bulbs with an adjustable dimmer and carefully made with high quality aluminum.

For those who are searching for a landscape vanity mirror, you need not be down in the mouth. We have designed a special and ethereal Landscape Vanity mirror with 10 LED bulbs and an XL Landscape Vanity mirror with 14 LED bulbs that are a perfect beauty partner for every girl and woman. These Hollywood vanity mirrors are non-lead coated, environment-friendly, give an extra-long life, and are enduring and reliable giving a sharp finishing look.

Also, if you’re thinking of an appropriate gift for auspicious occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries and weddings; I bet you are on the right track. It’s a perfect present for a make-up freak that tends to look the best every day. Ladies, glam up yourselves and let that special someone go crazy over your attractive looks.

Hence, we haven’t left any stone unturned to bring your dream mirrors into the stores.

Isn’t it just the best thing you recently got your hands on? So why wait? Grab it soon. Order it online.

Let us have a look at these splendid mirrors we are talking about-

June 02, 2019 — Rejeat Cruz