A living room is incomplete without a table or a place to set something down. It doesn’t matter if it is casual or formal, it does have a fireplace or not, will surely have a centerpiece of attraction around which you can arrange the sitting setup up. A coffee table allegedly can help you fulfil this need. However, a coffee table deploys the application to one part of the room where it’s placed, can be reached from there only. This is why living rooms get cluttered so quickly.

Many interior designers place side tables to keep the living room from being looked like a mess. More often end tables are found near your sitting furniture, next to a sofa or maybe a recliner. Having a second table works as a helping hand in the room. There can be no better place to entertain a lamp to light up the room at night or a vase with flowers. If you’re planning for a casual space, a glass table would go as a perfect match.

A side table alike coffee table also serves as a place to hold some accessories. Simply add-on to the features of the room. It is the right place to pile up some of your favorite books or magazines, holds electronics (like your phone, remotes, more). People generally use a side table to keep their favorite things, which are more frequently needed. You may consider it as a soldier protecting the properties and features of the coffee table. Vanity Living offers bundled deals on a pair of a coffee table and sofa table. They are highly preferred to be used in mix and match blended together with the style of the room associating it with numerous features.

More often than never, the sofa table is seen in modern design. The most commonly cast-off side table is smaller in size and glass-topped. In our collection of glass side table at Vanity Living, we have a selective table with contemporary features and elegant designs, fully functional, advantageous and stylish. Allowing you to take full advantage of the function of the sofa table helps you create an organized, uncluttered, comfortable, and amazingly functional interior. 

Finding a location to fit in a side table can be difficult for many. It is no way less than a definite art. Since a table in the perfect position is necessary for being additionally functional and effective. Let’s have a look at how we can the right spot for the same. 

  • Note where you need a sofa table. Mostly, it is found in the reach of someone seated to set down a drink without standing up. 
  • A sofa table is seen filling the corners of the arrangement of a sofa and a chair kept perpendicular. 
  • Or if you have an ottoman or recliners in the interior space, you may need an end table aside them.

 Experienced professionals remarks that the table needs to be of the same height as of the arm of the furniture placed next to. Though equal height is ideal yet some interior designers make use of slightly higher ones. The rule of hierarchy describes that the main occasional table in the living room has to have the highest height and other additional tables with decreasing height as per their priority and prominence.  And like every other glass furniture, glass side table supports in allowing the room to look more spacious. In small space room, such tables can make the magic happen.

At Vanity Living, you’ll the find best quality Hollywood furniture inclined contemporary home décor side table portfolio. No matter, whatever is your plan for an upcoming small gathering or a small party these would play a major role in keeping the space organized and also lets it look even more stylish. Maybe you recently checked-in to your new home looking amazing furniture pieces to adore the competence. All the way long to find a home décor that suits your personality is in itself journey. We will help you throughout, you may get in touch with us now.

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July 15, 2020 — vanityliving Admin