Dining Table Set 4 Seater - Capri Round Marble With Rinnera Cream Chairs

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Dive into an unparalleled dining experience with our 4-seater round premium marble dining table set. The centrepiece, a majestic dining table, features an authentic marble top known for its distinctive natural patterns. Each table, with its unique veining, ensures no two pieces are alike, making every set special. Enhancing its opulence is a lustrous gold metallic base fashioned from high-quality metal that seamlessly melds with the marble's natural beauty. Paired perfectly with the table are four sophisticated cream velvet dining chairs. Their plush, soft-to-touch upholstery is a testament to luxury, ensuring comfort with every meal. Standing on elegant gold metal legs, these chairs not only echo the table's regal appearance but promise durability and stability. This dining set, with its perfect marriage of nature's finesse and superior craftsmanship, isn’t just a functional addition but a luxurious statement for any dining space. Whether hosting an intimate dinner or a grand feast, this set ensures every dining moment is cloaked in elegance.

Vanity Living Introduces the perfect 4-seater dining table set, highlighted by the luxurious Capri Round Premium Marble Dining Table, accompanied by four sophisticated Rinerra cream chairs. If you are looking for 4-seater dining sets, Vanity Living provides a unique range of dining set options, enabling you to elevate your dining room's ambience with impeccable style and choices.


  • Premium Marble Top
  • Cream velvet Seat
  • Gold Stainless Steel Base
  • Non slip feet pads
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  • Table Size: Diameter 130 cm, Height- 75cm
  • Chir Size: Length-43.5cm, Width- 55.5cm, Height- 86cm
  • Precautions

  • Gentle Cleaning: When cleaning the marble surface, use a soft, damp cloth or sponge. Gently wipe the surface without applying excessive pressure.
  • Avoid Scratching: While marble is durable, it can still scratch. Avoid dragging sharp or abrasive objects across the surface. Use felt pads under decorative items or utensils to prevent scratching
  • Dust Prevention: Regularly dust the table and chair with a soft, lint-free cloth to prevent the buildup of dust and debris that can dull its shine
  • Stainless Steel Care: For the gold stainless steel legs, wipe them down regularly with a damp cloth to remove fingerprints and dust. Avoid using abrasive cleaners that could scratch the finish.
  • Product Hightlights

    round marble dining table

    Capri Round Premium Marble Dining Table Set of 4 with Rinerra Cream Velvet Dining Chairs

    Elevate your dining space with the stunning sophistication of the Capri Round Premium Marble Dining Table Set. Expertly designed to combine timeless aesthetics with exceptional functionality, this set is the epitome of luxurious dining. Whether you're hosting an intimate dinner or enjoying a family meal, the Capri Round Marble Dining Table Set with Rinerra Cream Velvet Dining Chairs ensures that every meal is a luxurious affair. Indulge in the fusion of style and durability and let your dining room shine with unparalleled elegance.

    gold marble dining table

    Exquisite Marble Top

    Made from the finest quality marble, the Capri table top exudes elegance with its natural veining and patterns. Every table offers a unique design, ensuring that no two pieces are exactly alike.

    marble dining table with gold legs

    Glistening Gold Base

    The sturdy metal base, finished in a polished gold, not only provides unwavering stability but also adds a touch of opulence to the table's overall look.

    cream velvet dining chair

    Rinerra Cream Velvet

    cream velvet dining chair

    Experience ultimate comfort with the Rinerra dining chairs. Upholstered in sumptuous cream velvet, they provide a plush seating experience while serving as a chic statement piece.