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  • Upgrade your make-up routine with this elegant dressing table set featuring a high-quality Hollywood Vanity Mirror with dimmable lights. This bundle features a landscape setting light-up vanity mirror at 81cm (L) 60cm (H) 18cm (W) with high-quality daylight bulbs. The color of the bulbs is daylight (4000k color temperature) which is favored by makeup artists, as it mimics how you would look in natural light, giving all the ladies out there the flawless look they want.
  • Go Pro with the daylight dimmable bulbs in the vanity mirror that let you play around with how you would look in different types of light settings, ensuring complete visibility for flawless makeup application.
  • The Glass-top dressing table features an elegant finish with ample space, at 88cm (L), 40cm (W), and 84.5cm. For more space on your tabletop for your make up and brushes, you can hang this mirror on the wall also.
  • This 2 drawer vanity table is ideal for everyone. The 2 deep drawers give you the ability to store lots of your make up accessories. Also, we have fitted outs lets at the back of the dressing table so cables can run directly out of the back, leaving your make up area always clean and tidy of cables. Check out all our bundle offers to see which combinations work best for your room.
  • We at Vanity Living Dubai believe in responsible Eco-friendly production. Our mirrors are made with a non-lead coated mirror, giving it an extra-long life and a sharper finish.