Coffee Table - Tropea Gold

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Our stunning coffee table featuring a tabletop with tempered glass and an elegant gold stainless steel frame. This exquisite piece will elevate the style and sophistication of your living room. The coffee table boasts a spacious tabletop made of high-quality tempered glass, ensuring durability and resistance to breakage.

Vanity Living introduces the stunning Tropea gold coffee table, an ideal addition to your living room. Explore the full Tropea collection in gold and gunmetal hues to enhance the allure and ambiance of your living space.


  • Gold stainless steel base
  • 10mm smoke tempered glass top
  • Non slip feet pads
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  • Size: Diameter - 97cm, Height- 38cm
  • Precautions

  • Handle with Care: Although the smoke glass top is thick and durable, avoid placing extremely heavy items on it. Any sudden force or impact can cause breakage.
  • Avoid Scratches: Use coasters, placemats, or soft cloths under any objects to prevent scratches on the glass surface and the gold stainless steel.
  • Regular Cleaning: Clean the smoke glass top with a soft, damp cloth. Use a glass cleaner or a mixture of water and mild detergent. Avoid using abrasive cleaners, as they can scratch the surface.
  • Avoid Corrosive Chemicals: Keep any corrosive or acidic substances away from the table, especially the stainless steel parts.
  • Product Hightlights

    gold coffee table

    Elegant Round Coffee Table with Gold Stainless Steel Base and Smoky Tempered Glass Top

    Elevate your living space with our sophisticated Tropea gold round coffee table, intricately designed to blend luxury with functionality. The shimmering gold stainless steel base serves as a robust foundation, while the 10mm smoky tempered glass top adds a touch of modern elegance. Its contemporary design ensures it's not just a piece of furniture but a statement for your home.

    glass top coffee table

    Round Design

    The circular shape adds a seamless flow to your space, minimizing sharp corners and maximizing style.

    premium gold coffee table

    Gold Stainless Steel Base

    Built with high-quality stainless steel, the table's base is both sturdy and rust-resistant, promising longevity while adding a luxurious touch to any room.

    glass top coffee table

    10mm Smoky Tempered Glass Top

    The thick tempered glass top ensures durability, and its smoky hue offers a unique, sophisticated look. Plus, it's easy to clean and resistant to everyday wear and tear.